Research Interests

  • Data Mining

  • Data Quality and Privacy

  • Machine Learning

Selected Publications

  • Nilothpal Talukder, and Mohammed J. Zaki, A Distributed Approach for Graph Mining in Massive Networks. Springer Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (special issue on ECML/PKDD journal track papers). 2016 [PDF]

  • Nilothpal Talukder, Mining Graph Patterns in Massive Networks. Whitepaper in NSF Data Science Workshop. 2015 [PDF] [Poster]

  • Robert Kessl, Nilothpal Talukder, Pranay Anchuri, and Mohammed Zaki, Parallel Graph Mining with GPUs. In BigMine workshop, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD). 2014 [PDF] [Poster]

  • Ryan Rossi, Sonia Fahmy, and Nilothpal Talukder, A Multi-Level Approach for Evaluating Internet Topology Generators. In Proceedings of IFIP Networking Conference. 2013 [PDF] [slides]

  • Nilothpal Talukder, Mourad Ouzzani, Ahmed Elmagarmid, and Mohamed Yakout, Detecting Inconsistencies in Private Data with Secure Function Evaluation. Tech. Report CS-TR11006, Purdue University. 2011 [PDF]

  • Nilothpal Talukder, Mourad Ouzzani, Ahmed Elmagarmid, Hazem Elmeleegy, and Mohamed Yakout, Privometer: Privacy Protection in Social Networks. M3SN Workshop, International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE). 2010 [PDF]

  • Nilothpal Talukder, and Sheikh I. Ahamed, Preventing Multi-query Attack in Location-based Services. In Proceedings of ACM Conference on Wireless Network Security (WiSec). 2010 [PDF]

  • Sheikh I. Ahamed, Munirul M. Haque, Endadul Hoque, Farzana Rahman, and Nilothpal Talukder, Design, analysis, and deployment of omnipresent formal trust model (FTM) with trust bootstrapping for pervasive environments. Elsevier Journal of System and Software (JSS). 2010

  • Sheikh I. Ahamed, Haifeng Li, Nilothpal Talukder, Mehrab Monjur, and Chowdhury S. Hasan, Design and Implementation of S-MARKS: A Secure Middleware for Pervasive Computing Applications. Elsevier Journal of System and Software (JSS). 2009

  • Nilothpal Talukder, and Sheikh I. Ahamed, FPCS: A Formal Approach for Privacy-aware Context-based Services. IEEE Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC). 2008

  • Rezwan Islam, Sheikh I. Ahamed, Nilothpal Talukder, and Ian Obermiller, Usability of Mobile Computing Technologies to assist Cancer Patients, Usability & HCI for Medicine & Health Care (USAB). 2007


  • Nilothpal Talukder, Mohamed Yakout, Mourad Ouzzani, Ahmed Elmagarmid, Detecting Inconsistent Data Records, U.S. Patent #9037550, Qatar Foundation. 2015


  • Nilothpal Talukder, Haiqiong Li, Malik Magdon-Ismail, Clustering of Wikipedia Pages based on Edit Behavior. 2011 [PDF]