How to get that first grant: A young scientist’s guide to (AI) funding in America


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How to get that first grant: A young scientist’s guide to (AI) funding in America

This is not a grant writing seminar!


Entre Acte

Terminology: Gifts, Grants, Contracts

AI/CS funders

Corporate Funding

Corporate Contracts

Corporate Contract Caution

Corporate Contract tips

Government Funding

US Government Funding

Calls for proposals

Finding out about funding


Government Funding Types

Funding Decisions

Program Managers

Program Manager’s Needs

National Science Foundation

NSF Requests for Proposal (RFP)


NSF Special RFPs

NSF RFPs cont.

NSF Career Awards

NSF tip

Department of Defense Funding

DoD Service Funders

DoD Labs

DoD Lab BAAs

Know your Program Manager

Know Your Program Manager

Visiting (or calling) a PM

The White Paper

Service/Lab Open BAAs


The Key to Understanding DARPA

Common Misunderstanding

DARPA Reviewing

Example Review Criteria/ranking

DARPA desires new ideas!

A Funded NSF Proposal

A Funded DARPA Proposal

See the difference?

Specific DARPA hints

Specific DARPA Hints


Grant Tips from the “Pros”

TIPS From the “Pros”

The Number 1 Tip

Good Grants

More general grant tips

Know your audience

Readability is important


One last tip…BE VISIBLE


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Author: Jim Hendler

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Additional Information: Slides from a tutorial presented at the Fifteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI98), Madison, Wisconsin, July, 1998.

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