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RPI Cisco Academy becomes teaching center for 7 state area

August 19, 2009

After 8 years of striving for excellence, RPI Cisco Academy has been honored with the highest designation for any Cisco Academy:

Cisco Academy Teaching Center (CATC)

Effective immediately RPI is the CATC for all of New England and New York including both Boston and New York City (New York City Department of Education).

RPI will have ultimate technical teaching responsibility within the Academy program for:

25 Regional Academies
232 Local Academies
13,639 students

Our first event will be to host the 25 Regional Academies on campus on September 25th.

On October 14-16, forty instructors will be on campus for Network Security training.

A Regional Instructor conference will be held on campus May 12-13, 2010.

The 25 Regional Academies and the 232 Local Academies represent the very best technical high schools and community colleges in the seven state region; all of them potential feeder schools for the RPI admissions process. This is a major step forward in the visibility of RPI into the region.

Additionally RPI will be prototyping a new teaching and support model that will become the global standard in the 168 countries in which the Academy has a presence. RPI Cisco Academy Director David Kotfila will be meeting bi-weekly with the Cisco leadership team to document what will be accomplished.

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