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Petros Drineas awarded School of Science's Emerging Researcher Award

May 3, 2007

TROY, N.Y.- Professor Petros Drineas has been awarded the School of Science's Emerging Researcher Award. This award is given to a faculty or staff member who has worked in the School of Science 3-6 years. Professor Drineas was chosen for this award based on his many accomplishments during his four years in the Computer Science Department, including:

  • Published more than a dozen papers in top archival refereed journals, including those sponsored by SIAM, ACM, and IEEE.
  • Published more than 20 proceedings papers for high prestige conferences including those sponsored by IEEE and ACM.
  • Co-organized (with Gene Golub [NAE/NAS]) a major NSF-supported workshop on massive data sets; co-wrote a conference review in widely read SIAM News.
  • Served on the Organizing Committee of a SIAM Workshop on Bioinformatics.
  • Presented invited colloquia at 16 prestigious universities and organizations, including Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, Michigan, Purdue, Yahoo!, IBM, and Sandia.
  • Presented tutorials at three top conferences.
  • Awarded a five-year NSF CAREER grant ($ 400 K), the top research grant for young faculty.
  • Co-PI (with two others) for a three-year NSF grant ($460 K).
  • Served on the Program Committees of five important ACM conferences.

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